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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The world seems to like the west the best!

I'm more than a little frustrated on a daily basis by the stupidity of the masses. Today I'm going to address every moron in the world who would speak out against the policies of the west and specifically this great union of states, The United States of America. And I'm going to start with two simple questions. On a daily basis, how many people are trying to come to YOUR country to live? Now, how many leave to go someplace else? Compare those numbers to those of the U.S. and shut up with the complaints already, especially if you don't live here. If you do, it's time to act and try and make some changes. But stop attacking the team!!!!

Let's examine the facts as they relate to me. My father died when I was 11 years old. I was living in California. My mother, may she rest in peace, moved the family back to Massachusetts, our home state and the location of her (and Dad's) family. When I was 14 Mom got a grant from the state to go to nursing school. Really sweet deal. She went to school and worked 2 days a week for a full paycheck. Of course, there were some strings attached. After she got her nursing license (and she did), she had to work for the state (at full nurses pay, mind you) for 2 years. This she did. I on the other hand was granted admittance to a local vocational/technical high school where I was to receive 1500 of hours worth of intensive computer training along with a highschool diploma. Today, I'm Vice President of a 10 year old electronics company which I helped build. I make more than enough money, live in a nice place, drive a very nice car, and have all the toys and luxuries I want. Even as I write this I'm sitting in front of my 60" t.v. with VCR, DVD player, DVD recorder/player, Play Station 2, and Tivo (may god bless the makers of Tivo!) and pecking away on my primary laptop computer.

I'm not Chinese. I'm not Cuban. I'm not Iranian or North Korean. But what do you suppose my mother and my prospects might have been had we lived in those countries? It's time the world got on board. I don't care who or where you are, someone in your country has seen Star Trek. We're one freaking planet of people. We're all on the same team. We (people of U.S.) don't want anything but the rights of the individual to choose for themselves and the liberty of not having badness thrust upon us by the bad choices of others. As long as what you are doing does not affect ME, do as you please. But if it does affect me I have the right, ability, and duty to defend my liberty.

Let's take that lunatic running North Korea. We need to bitch slap him into place. He's screwed up his entire country and the world is paying for it. Fine. I'll feed your people because that's the way we are in the west. But if I'm feeding your people, you damn well better toe the line and do as I say to get out of the mess you created so I no longer have to feed your people. With all due respect to the morons of the world, even you can see that if I can feed the North Koreans and they can't feed themselves then my way must be at least better.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What can I say?

You are the sort of person that exemplifies all that is wrong with America, and much of the Western world.

If people do not see things your way they are wrong, ignorant, have to be talked down to and attacked.

No wonder you have all these problems with terrorists, although the day you realise that your own government is responsible for a lot of it in order to allow for defence expenditure and to tighten their grip on power, and hence their own personal profit at the expense of you the American people, you will maybe not be standing so proud like an arrogant peacock.

I bet you love money, I bet you have lots, I bet you fire your staff for petty reasons and treat them badly in the name of profit. Good Christian values, those of course are only guesses based on your introduction, those fools you suffer so badly.

However that is another issue, such arrogance is what causes strife in the world, announcing on your introduction if you don’t like it leave, or I will talk down to you, displays an arrogance rarely seen, and I would love to see you attempt to talk down to me.

You think of yourself as a Christian, and personally I believe that all these gods many people worship from many faiths are imaginary, however I am not ignorant of the beliefs, many of which have a sound foundation despite their spurious origin, for example Mr. Born Again Christian the teachings of Christ ask for understanding, consideration and love for your neighbour, however you openly confess to chasing people from your home who ostensibly worship the same God as you do.

How considerate a human being does that make you? Why don’t you join up and go to Iraq and then you can really get your teeth into killing so called heathens that disagree with you with all that expensive ordinance you have paid for, or will pay for when the bill comes.

You have much to learn about the World, you do not progress by trampling people underfoot, you have to lead them, If you are so smart and they are so stupid, you have to show them what to do and help them do it, lead by example. What’s your example? Out of my way you moron? So how does that work when you meet someone who is smarter than you? Should they trample you underfoot because you are a moron for them?

And you are not so smart as you think you are, if the business is not yours, then you are still working for the man !

What you fail to realise because you seem to live in some kind of American Propaganda Bubble, is that in some of these poor countries you make reference to, there are tyrant dictators who don’t give a damn about the people and ensure that all the money is coming to them instead of going to the people, much like Dick Cheney and his Cohorts.

Try getting your news from some other source than Fox etc. Sure if you watch that propaganda I can easily see how threatened you must feel from all the Islamic terrorists weapons of mass destruction, and Iranian funded state terrorism.

But if you live in the real world you will know that that is all propaganda being fed to you so you will support the invasion when "they" decide to go. You are being fooled, you moron.

And countries, like people can be sick, when someone is sick you don’t kick them and punch them, you help them and give them medicine, and then they get better, or not, but you have to try. The way you propose is if you are sick and I give you medicine then you have to be my slave and do as I say. What is that all about? What kind of world do you want to live in, because the world you portray is not one I want to live in that’s for sure.

You think your country is so rich and successful, get a reality check dude. Your country right now is the POOREST in the world, oh yes, look it up, check for example here:

And just look at those numbers, the US annual defecit is more than the defecit of all the other countries that are running a debt added together, in fact it’s more than double !

And is 75% of all the surplus that is generated by those in the black.

OK add to that the 250 Billion dollars this year that’s around 3 dollars per day for every man woman and child in the United States, which is what you could live on in Africa for about three days.

Now look back 30 years of Current account history and you will find the USA at the bottom of that list every year. So see the American dream is just that, a dream, and one day that big bill is going to come in for payment from all these other countries in the world and how are you going to pay, with some more of all those weapons of Mass destruction that everyone seems so concerned about anybody else having but which the United states has the biggest stockpiles of in the world?

So one day in your future this will have to be addressed. Many things will have to be addressed. However I hope you can somehow rejoin the human race sometime soon, perhaps after thinking a little bit about how insignificant you are, as we all are, in the big scheme of things and learn a little humility.

Have a Nice Day


10:07 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Interesting. No where in your response do you address my opening claim about the number of people wanting to live here. Not once. As balanced as CNN. However, you do challenge me to talk down to you. I think I am right right now. I could respond to each and every one of your statements but why waste my time? By missing my point entirely, your arguement, as it stands, only proves my over all point about the ignorance of people in general. And since you want to quote Jesus, let's try this one: "Let those that have an ear, hear."

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jc alrealdy covered what I want to say.
I just want to let you know that you are nothing but an asshole.
(Sorry I said that aloud,If I didnt,I would have died)

10:57 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I'm sorry. I can't respect opinions that are a) based on ignorance and b) "anonymous." If you're not willing to put your name on your attack why should I give it the time of day? Asshole indeed.

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Lindsey Eck said...

Hi, Michael.

Most of the people immigrating to the U.S. are coming from countries which have economic or political problems. At one time it was common for people to move here from Western Europe, Japan, and Korea. No longer. The reason: The standard of living is at least as good in those countries today and their politics are at least as open and democratic as ours.

Even for persons coming here from Mexico, they're mostly not from the affluent areas of Mexico but from dusty and impoverished desert towns. You can partly blame the (formerly) high birth rate in Mexico. NAFTA hasn't helped Mexico much and America's continual exploitation of Mexico helps to keep that country in a condition such that its poorer citizens want to move here.

You write: "We (people of U.S.) don't want anything but the rights of the individual to choose for themselves ..." I think all too many Americans want the government to do the thinking for them. If they're on the Left, they want the nanny state to fine them for smoking cigarettes and force them to be immunized against HPV. If they're on the Right, they want severe punishments for petty crimes.

Anyway, your post has such sweeping generalities about a very complex world that it's hard to address its claims. Opinion polls from around the globe show that populaces that formerly had a lot of support for the U.S. are now out of love with our culture and our policies. This is largely the fault of our current administration's unwillingness to negotiate and insistence on bullying even our allies into conforming to our will. When Bush first took power, the rationale for behaving as an arrogant Great Power was our unparalleled military strength. As we lose two wars simultaneously (Iraq and Afghanistan) even U.S. military might no longer frightens, while our inability to finance our lifestyle without massive borrowing from China and Japan speaks to a nation with declining economic power as well.

10:59 AM  

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